Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers
Photo by Joshua J. Cotten / Unsplash

The purpose of this project is to offer a web service where the features of the Google Cloud Platform can be explored. In particular the web service will use the Cloud Translation and Speech-to-Text API.

The web service is called "Stille Post", which can be translated into "Chinese whispers", a childrens game, where a message is transmitted through whispering in the ear over and over again until the last child in the group says the received message out loud. Often times, the final message differs strongly from the original messages due to the unintelligible whispering.

Using this mechanism, the "Stille Post" service aims to translate a given message into several different languages and than back to the original language to see how much the end result differs in meaning from the original (see figure 1).

Software architecture of the Chinese Whispers service